Rebel Sessions

Accountability and Focus for Product Based Biz Owners

Finally! Accountability groups for product based business owners! Join us, Kelly & Caroline from Creative Biz Rebellion Podcast, for monthly discussions around topics that are specific to product based business owners. We will help you filter through the crap to help you and the members of your Rebel Session totally rock your product based businesses. Each Rebel Session will consist of 4-6 product based business owners including one of us - we want accountability buddies too!


Duh. Of course you are! Its every shop owners dream to have a group of other shop owners in their corner! We ALL want and need this camaraderie and collaboration!

Rebel Session are going to be monthly group chats that are theme based. Each month will focus on a different topic related to owning an online shop! Here are just a few of the topics we will be discussing in 2018:


Launching a Product

Pitching to the Media

Social Media

Holiday Prep

In Person Markets

Pricing & Finances



Each month there will be meetings with your Rebel Session, a FREE webinar, a private FB group conversation, and mini workbooks to help you stay on task. We know how hard running a product based business can be, but you don't have to do it alone. Our partners, family, and friends can only understand so much unless they are actually working in this business too. It's time to open up and connect with other people who get it! Join us won't you?

Your Instructor

Kelly Parker Smith & Caroline Hull
Kelly Parker Smith & Caroline Hull

Kelly from Hello World Paper Co. & Stamps and Caroline from Caroline Creates are two product based biz owners who want to connect with and help other product based business owners. The product based business world is shrouded in mystery... why? Why is it so easy to get information about starting a service based business, but when you ask people questions about their product based business they run and hide. That's dumb. When we lift each other up we not only help someone else's business, we learn things along the way, and we help the industry grow! There is plenty of room for everyone! So come and join us as we help you filter through the crap to help you totally rock your product based business! After all, creativity is the ultimate rebellion!

Class Curriculum

  January 2018 - The Groundwork
Available in days
days after you enroll
  February 2018 - Financially Focused
Available in days
days after you enroll
  March 2018 - A Marketing Plan for Your Products
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the Rebel Sessions start?
Rebel Sessions are monthly group accountability calls with Kelly or Caroline. Each month you will be grouped with the same 4-6 product based business owners, who just like you, want a support group to help them thrive in the product based biz world! Enrollment is currently closed, but will reopen again in April of 2018. Scroll to the bottom of this page and put in your email to be notified when enrollment opens back up!
Why do I need to commit for 4 months?
We ask for a 4 month commitment from our Rebel Session participants because we want to form true business relationships and to be honest, friendships. This takes time and trust from all members of each session. How can you get to know someone, understand someone, and support their business whole-heartedly all in one month? You can't. Each month you will be grouped with the same people who will come to rely on you and what you bring to the table. Commitment is important and expected. After the 4 months if you don't feel it's right for you, you can cancel.
What is the time commitment for Rebel Sessions?
Every month there will be an 1-2 hour long group accountability meeting plus some accompanying worksheets that need to be completed before the call. Total for the month including chatting with new biz besties and cheering each other on will be about 5 hours a month. This does not include all the things you are going to be inspired and motivated to change and improve on in your business or all the additional orders you will have to fill from making those improvements!
What does a typical month's schedule look like as a participant of Rebel Sessions?
Typical Schedule: (Sample ONLY does not reflect actual dates for Feb.) February 1: Worksheet PDFs are emailed to all participants February 5: LIVE Webinar with Kelly and Caroline on monthly topic. (Replay will be available) February 10: Rebel Session (Times TBD based on group needs) Ongoing: Discussion in private FB group about this month's topic as welll as any other issues or questions participants have. Ongoing: Updates to the Resource section of the group page.
What if we can't meet during the day?
No problem! You will be grouped with other biz owners who have the same schedule as you! We totally understand if you have a full time job and are not available during the day. We have been there and we want to make sure that having a "day job" doesn't hold you back so don't worry! We've got you covered!

Every member of Rebel Sessions will get:

1. Accountability & Focus

  • Groups of 4-6 product based biz owners who want to collaborate with, bounce ideas off of, raise a glass to, and receive feedback from, other amazing product based biz owners. Each group will also have Kelly or Caroline in the group as a participant! Yay!
  • Monthly online group chats with accompanying mini workbooks to keep you organized.
  • Monthly topics will be discussed and worked on during the accountability meetings in addition to any feedback you need for your shop!
  • Each month we will discuss the topic and, working together, will help you make a plan to move your business forward!
  • A monthly schedule of what to do when to keep your shop running smoothly.
  • Monthly webinars are included and focus on selected monthly topics including marketing, social media, technology, wholesale, Etsy, branding, managing your money, and more! (These webinars will also be offered to the public for a fee.)
  • A private FB group for your accountability group just in case there is something that can't wait until the next meeting.

Rebel Sessions will not be available again until April of 2018, so sign up below to get a notification when enrollment is open and soon you will have everything above plus the wonderful feeling of knowing that you have people in your circle who support you and your shop!